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Children do not develop on their own - they only develop within relationships.

"The thing that impresses me most about North America is the way parents obey their children"    (King Edward VII , 1841-1910)

Don't wait for him to turn 10 before you reveal that you are not in fact the hired help whose job it is to clean up after him.

When a child is disregulated - is the time parents need to be regulated.

Good parenting requires sacrifice. Childhood lasts for only a few brief years , but it should be given priority while it is passing before your eyes

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. (Peggy O'Mara)

Hurt people hurt people.

"Unexpressed feeling never die. They are buried alive and come back later in ugly ways." (Stephen Covey)

Many clinicians find it easier to tell parents their child has a brain-based disorder than suggest parenting changes. Jennifer Harris (psychiatrist)

Being a parent of a teenager can cure a person of narcissism.

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Dealing With Children’s Behaviour Problems






I have been working with children with behaviour issues for over 40 years. Some of these children displayed emotional problems, learning disabilities, impulse control issues, hyperactivity and attention deficits. They all have had trouble functioning in their homes, schools and/or community.

Behavioural Management Systems believes that these problems can best be resolved in the home by the parents. Learning to manage a child’s behaviour at home will improve all other aspects of the child’s life. Weekly parent training sessions with Rick Harper is significantly more therapeutic than individual counselling for your child.

Rick has been offering his service to individual families since 1995 and a sampling of parent’s comments speaks to the effectiveness of this service.

“You have changed our life. Thanks it needed changing !” (London)

“He  (Rick) is a wealth of knowledge coupled with first hand experience.” (London)

“Our daughter was the joy of our life until she turned 13, than all hell broke loose. Rick helped us understand what was happening to her and we made some adjustments in our parenting that helped us get through it. She is now in university and doing well.” (St. Thomas)

“Our psychiatrist recommended Rick to help us deal with  behaviour issues with our autistic son. He was an invaluable help. (Sarnia)

“We are foster parents who took in a 13 year old girl (going on 18) and she ran us through the ringer. Our CAS arranged for Rick to help us and that made an incredible difference.” (Strathroy)

“We were so naive. We thought our son’s behaviour was just a phase he was passing through. After 4 years of chaos and heartache we contacted Rick. Thankfully he led us out of the wilderness.” (London)

“I wish we found Rick 2 years ago. We could have saved ourselves and our son a lot of trouble.” (Byron)

“Rick’s approach is so logical. He helped us clearly difine the problem, analyze what was happening and helped us select the best strategies. We now feel empowered to do something positive for our child.” (Tillsonburg)

“Implementing Rick’s techniques and adhering to them is exhausting, but it is a healthy exhaustion rather than the detrimental exhaustion I used to experience.” (Woodstock)

“I am no longer overwhelmed with a child who has unending discipline and behaviour problems.” (London)

“Rick saved our marriage. My husband and I were on the verge of breaking up. Our conflicting approaches to discipline was a major issue between us. With Rick’s guidance, we are now on the same page and harmony has been restored in our home.” (Toronto)

“5 years ago were received help from Rick with our 10 year old son. It was very beneficial. When he reached 15, he got into another whole set of problems and we contacted Rick again.  Kids need different things at different ages and Rick was able to point us in the right direction again. Incidentally we had moved from London to Kitchener and we had most of these sessions over the phone.” (Kitchener)

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Parents' Comments

“We were so naive. We thought our son’s poor behaviour was just a phase he was passing through. Thankfully you led us ‘out of the wilderness'”

(N.S. – London)