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Many clinicians find it easier to tell parents their child has a brain-based disorder than suggest parenting changes. Jennifer Harris (psychiatrist)

The best inheritance  parents can give their children is a few minutes of their time each day.

The quickest way to change your child’s behaviour is to first change your own.

There has been an explosion in the prescribing of medication for very young children, particularly preschool and kindergarten boys (Juli Zito , Univ. of Maryland)

Some hope their children will be like sponges soaking up the truth and wisdom imparted by their parents. However appealing this philosophy might be, it seldom seems to catch on with their children.

"Parents aren't the cause of ADHD, but they are part of the solution." (Kenny Handleman, M.D.)

Children mimic well. They catch what they see better than they follow what they hear.

Children do not develop on their own - they only develop within relationships.

Wouldn't it be nice if children would simply listen and learn.

Setting limits teaches your children valuable skills they will use the rest of their lives. One day, they will report to a job where their ability to follow rules will dictate their success.

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What Is Schizophrenia ?

- it is a cruel brain disease

- it constricts experiences

- it destroys opportunities

- it attacks all socioeconomic levels and nationalities

- it attacks about 6 people out of every 1000 in Canada

- rate in North America appears to be increasing

- MRI studies show structural abnormalities in some brains affected by schizophrenia

- it usually strikes in late adolescence / early adult years  - just as opportunities for most people are unfolding

- it can strike younger children but is rare

- many of our “homeless” have schizophrenia

- many inmates in our prisons are ill with schizophrenia

- individuals with schizophrenia are frequently victimized

- many individuals with schizophrenia do not receive treatment

- it is a disease that continues to baffle mental health professionals

- there is a history of abuse by governments – forced sterilization, lobotomies, persecution, execution, incarceration in prison

- often a repeating cycle of jail, hospital, street

- there is a wide range of symptoms

- there is no cure

- treatment is elusive but can be very effective

- schizophrenia is the single largest diagnosis for individuals receiving social assistance

- the financial costs of schizophrenia are staggering

- the human casts are unimaginable

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