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Whining and crying are employed by kids for the purpose of getting something. If it works, then it was worth the effort and will be repeated.

Many clinicians find it easier to tell parents their child has a brain-based disorder than suggest parenting changes. Jennifer Harris (psychiatrist)

Simple rules adhered to when children are young can prevent more serious problems later.

Parents are the external regulator for kids who cannot regulate themselves.

The mistake that Sharon and I both made is we never set any boundaries.  (Ozzy Osbourne)

If there is no relationship - nothing else matters !

"Parents aren't the cause of ADHD, but they are part of the solution." (Kenny Handleman, M.D.)

Children mimic well. They catch what they see better than they follow what they hear.

Some hope their children will be like sponges soaking up the truth and wisdom imparted by their parents. However appealing this philosophy might be, it seldom seems to catch on with their children.

Early intervention is always better than crisis management - but it is never too late to do the right thing.

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Agencies, Groups and Organizations

Below are some of the agencies, groups and organizations that I have had the privilege of providing training and consulting services to staff and clients:

- Fanshawe College

- W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind and Deaf

- Good Beginnings Daycare

- London District Catholic School Board

- Elgin Assoc. for Community Living

- Thames Valley Children’s Centre

- Rehoboth Christian School

- Province of Nova Scotia

- Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre

- Nairn Family Homes

- Skills Canada

- London Ski Club

- Simply Kids Inc.

- Bluewater Family Support Services

- Pic River First Nations

- Canadian Ski Instructors Association

- Epilepsy Support Center

- Betamarsh Inc.

- Immanuel OCR School

- Thames Valley District School Board

- Carpe Diem Residential Homes for Children

- Acorn Christian Daycare

- Diocese of London

- CAS (Children’s Aid Society)

- London & Middlesex

-  Peel

- Sarnia Lambton

- Huron Perth

- Ottawa

- Chatham Kent

- Elgin

- Bruce

- Brant

- Hamilton

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Parents' Comments

“I am no longer overwhelmed with a child who has unending discipline and behaviour problems.”

(P.S. – London)